New school year course cleanup

New school year course cleanup

by Moodle Admin -
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Dear all,

To allow a faster experience on Moodle follow those two tasks:

1. Reset each of your Moodle courses. Simply click on the Reset link in the Course administration block on the bottom left of each course. Next check the Delete all submission in the Assignments last paragraph, this will remove all assignments made by students of prior years. If your students already uploaded assignments please do not proceed with this. You can also mass unenrol Students from the Roles paragraph and by choosing Student in the list. 

2. Remove old backups. Click on the Restore link and remove all backup/files that you don't need from the Course backup and User private backup areas. Click on the blue button Manage Backup Files, click on the icon of the file and next the Delete button. The Automated backups will always list a backup made last Saturday. You can download it if you want to keep it. 

If you need help with this procedure please contact Karine or Hikari.

Thank you!